Akcent Design

Let’s see us on web site www.akcent-design.com.

Graphic design of POS materials for online or printed communication based on our client’s Corporate identity.

  • POS/POP materials
  • Sale and after-sale materials
  • Signs (internal or external)
  • Interiors walls (meeting rooms, main entrance)

We are preparing a design for the purpose you will use it. It is unique and practical.

Quick and easy to get from us. Don’t panic. Simply do it!

Akcent Studio

Let’s see us on web site www.akcent-studio.com.

Visual communication of your pictures is the main showtime of your product.

  • 3D simulations, modelling and rendering
  • Retouching and colour montage
  • Animated video
  • Large-scale picture preparation
  • Virtual or Augmented reality
  • Architectural visualizations
  • Design/Architecture
  • Digital photography
  • 3D scan in 360 degrees
  • Digital proofing

We constantly seek new perspectives on project technologies, processes, and communication. You can get your visual communication to the highest possible level.

Akcent Online

Let’s see us on web site www.akcent-online.com.

We provide online communication that connects to all sources and outputs.

  • Web design programming and administration in several kinds of admins (WordPress, Drupal, Woodwing)
  • Input sites and connectors for data source preparation or collecting
  • Online campaign preparation (email, Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Eshop programming and administration
  • Electronic Desk Top Publishing
  • Animated banners and other communication
  • Behaviour status preparation
  • SEO

Online communication supports your sale and increases client awareness of your products.

All your online communication is from one place and one company.

Akcent Printing

Let’s see us on web site www.akcent-print.com.

Current technology:

UV Large Printing and finishing up 10 colours + white

  • Roll to Roll printing in 3,2m size
  • Desk printing in 3,05m size
  • Materials: dibond, self-adhesive vinyl, forex, pentaprint, paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, polypropylene, PMMA EX, APET/PET, magnetic foil, translucent foil, static foil, PVC banner, wall wrap, nonwoven, or KAPA


Sublimation Printing and finishing in 4 colours

  • Roll to Roll printing in 3,3m size
  • Materials: all PES, after special treatment, also other fabric


Small sheet Printing and finishing 4 + Gold/Silver/other Pantone

  • Sheet printing in 330x1500mm size
  • Materials: paper up to 400gsm; cardboard or box carton up to 220gsm


Our usual products:

  • POS/POP materials
  • Sale and after-sale materials
  • Promotion materials
  • Interior or exterior materials
  • Signs
  • Large banners and translucent communications
  • Events
  • Theatre, film and television scenography